The following is our minimum criteria for consideration of an investment:

  • We invest in energy/industrial technology or business efficiency software
  • We invest in companies in the U.S.
  • We have a particular interest in companies from Silicon Valley and Hawaii.
  • Company has a strong entrepreneur(s) or founder(s) with deep domain experience in the industry and company building
  • Clear customer value proposition today
  • Clear business strategy
  • Revenue generating
  • 1.5-2x year over year revenue growth
  • Basic management team in place
  • Massive and clear obtainable market
  • Entrepreneur and team must be open to advice and coaching
  • Clear use of proceeds
  • Low capital requirements
  • Clear go to market strategy
  • Defined plan to scale
  • Clear exit strategy

Other frequently asked questions:

  • We can act as lead investor but we must syndicate with other investors.
  • We expect venture returns on our investments.
  • We expect our investments to achieve liquidity in 5 years or less from when we invest.
  • We are not a charity and do not sponsor events, activities, expositions, or publications.
  • Our investments average between $500k-$1M but we do smaller and larger investments as well.
  • We do not invest in China or India.
  • We do not invest in biotech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals.