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    (formerly Texas Gas & Oil Inc. ("TXG"))
    BULLETIN TYPE: Reverse Takeover-Completed, Name Change, Private
    Placement-Non-Brokered, Resume Trading
    BULLETIN DATE: July 2, 2008
    TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

    Reverse Takeover-Completed

    The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing the Company's Reverse
Takeover ('RTO'), which includes the following transactions:

    1. Name Change

    Pursuant to a resolution passed by shareholders on January 15, 2008, the
Company has changed its name from Texas Gas & Oil Inc. to Legend Power Systems
Inc. There is no consolidation of capital.
    Effective at the opening July 3, 2008, the common shares of Legend Power
systems Inc. will commence trading on TSX Venture Exchange, and the common
shares of Texas Gas & Oil Inc. will be delisted. The Company is classified as
a 'Cleantech' company.

    Capitalization:          Unlimited shares with no par value of which
                            26,340,455 shares are issued and outstanding
    Escrow:                 12,623,641 (6 year escrow)

    Transfer Agent:          Pacific Corporate Trust
    Trading Symbol:          LPS         (new)
    CUSIP Number:            524937 10 9 (new)

    The capitalization figures are after going effect to the transactions as
noted in (2) and (3) below.

    2. Acquisition

    The acquisition of Legend Power Systems Inc. in consideration of the
issuance of 12,623,641 shares which are subject to a 6 year escrow. 4,665,040
of the escrowed shares are also subject to an overlay escrow which requires
that certain revenue and/or equity financing targets be achieved.
    For further information, please refer to the Company's Information
Circular dated December 20, 2007.

    3. Private Placement

    TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to
a Non-Brokered Private Placements as follows:

    Round        Number of Shares      Purchase Price     Number of Placees

    1            1,500,000                      $0.35                    35
    2            695,236                        $1.50                    26
    3            107,336                        $1.50                    14
    4            50,000                         $0.75                     7
    5            230,000                        $1.00                    38
    6            101,800                        $1.25                    15
    7            657,084                        $1.25                    80
    8            813,628                        $1.50                    90
    9            1,628,722                      $2.25                   273
    10           221,279                        $2.25                    29
    11           225,449                        $1.50                     6
    12           222,222                        $2.25                     1
                 (Convertible Debenture)

    Insider/Pro Group Participation:

                             Insider equals Y/
    Name                     ProGroup equals P/         No. of Shares

    Troy Moreira             Y                                 13,000
    Allan Okabe              Y                                522,222
    Pines & Co. Law Corp.    Y                                 35,000
    Douglas Blakeway         Y                                 20,000
     Enterprises Inc.        Y                                 13,333
    Premiere Marine Insurance
     Managers Group          Y                                 33,333
    0527370 B.C. Ltd.        Y                                  3,000

    Pursuant to Corporate Finance Policy 4.1, Section 1.11(d), the Company
must issue a news release announcing the closing of the private placement and
setting out the expiry dates of the hold period(s). The Company must also
issue a news release if the private placement does not close promptly.

    Company Contact:         Ginny Morgan
    Company Address:         8618 Commerce Court
                             Burnaby, BC  V5A 4N6

    Company Phone Number:    (604) 420-1500
    Company Fax Number:      (604) 420-1533
    Company Email Address:   gmorgan@legendpower.com




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