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Key Value Proposition
Network management has become increasingly difficult as wireless,
wired and external infrastructures such as cloud and SaaS coalesce to
deliver a growing set of application and services across geographically
diverse organizations. In parallel, it is no longer sufficient for network
managers to focus simply on layers 1-3. Modern network management
requires visibility into layers 4-7 to see how applications
and services are traversing and using network resources.
Ultimately, the new goal is making sure that the network
is delivering business-critical applications and services
successfully, with the performance needed and expected
by the organization. This means understanding which
applications are active at all times and how each is affected
by network connectivity, congestion, and configuration
(EMA terms this Application-aware Network Performance
Management, or ANPM). Further, a clear understanding
and enforcement of network configuration policies such
as QoS is indispensible, particularly for networks that
are delivering a combination of traditional applications
together with VoIP and IP Video.
ActionPacked Networks offers LiveAction, a network management solution that combines quick visualization of QoS,
VLAN, and routing configurations across the network, providing highly intuitive insights into traffic composition, how
apps are traversing the network, and how well the network is doing its job of delivering applications within acceptable
performance objectives. In its most recent release, LiveAction 3.0, the solution significantly expands its ANPM features
by leveraging advanced application-awareness capabilities built into Cisco infrastructure devices. For example, operators
can now use LiveAction to recognize, diagnose, and fix video and voice performance issues, using dashboard views
to see how each session is traversing the network and how each link and device along the way is playing its role in
successful delivery (or not). By leveraging Medianet Performance Monitoring (PerfMon), Mediatrace, and AVC features
of Cisco equipment, LiveAction can correlate QoS policies with congestion points, and then provide QoS policy change
actions directly to a network manager for making adjustments and corrections as needed. LiveAction also enables these
advanced capabilities on the Cisco devices automatically



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